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Plant and fish-based diets promote health in humans and the environment – dietary changes can be supported in many ways 2024-01-31
Finns are advised to eat more vegetables, whole grains and sustainably caught and farmed fish. At the same time, they should reduce their consumption of red meat, processed meat and foods rich in salt, fat or sugar. A change in diets would not only promote people’s individual health but also planetary health.
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Kouluruokakilpailu 2016
Transformative power of school meals 2023-12-18
At COP28, the school meal consortium unveiled a white-paper showcasing the global impact that school meals can have in fostering sustainability. The Just food consortium contributed to this paper by highlighting some study results on engaging students to the development of sustainable school meals in Finland.
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Just food Consortium Days 2023 - unveiling the path to a just food system 2023-12-05
The Just food consortium kicked off its ninth meeting on 27 November 2023. The primary goal was to gather Just food researchers to discuss and share the outcomes of their empirical work and brainstorm the next steps in strengthening the transdisciplinarity of their work.
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Our second Just Food Policy Brief published 2023-11-07
The just food transition can be achieved through cooperation between all actors in the food system and firm public guidance, summarizes the project’s second policy recommendation.
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